I have been doing digitally generated picture since 2008 after finishing studies in an animation school in France. 
I initiated my own artistic approach back in 2016. It's the time it took me both to master the technical aspects of the digital medium and the maturation necessary for the emergence of subjects that touch me. 
Child of two artists using traditional supports, I have always been attached to the beauty of the material, the gesture and more generally to a certain figurative realism in art. 
As a child of a digital generation, I fully embrace this medium with infinite potential which offers a complete freedom of expression. However, I do my best to ensure that the digital side of my images is not what characterizes them in the first place
My approach leads me to anchor my images in a form of visual realism. I aspire to create a link between the contemporary medium and the traditional know-how on which I was brought up. This mainly involves experimenting with materials and details to give visual plausibility to dreamlike subjects. It also involves engaging with lighting that highlights the volumes and the different properties of the material to make them almost graspable. Although virtual, my subjects always have an aesthetic that could be described as classic.
Thank you!